The Goddess is Still Away

Yeah, the adolescent actioner may have been totally disposable but last night’s cult horror film had the adjective ‘cult’ for good reason.

I know I’m being scared when I have to consciously –

  1. unclench my fists, stomach and thighs, and
  2. think, This is only a movie.

Ah, the horror genre: some vicarious scaring never hurt nobody (unless you believe that there are a lot of unexplained things in our world and that sometimes… sometimes ignorance truly is bliss).

I snuck the puerile comedy and a thriller today. The puerile comedy turned out to be a low-brow actioner that was surprisingly engaging – funny how good actors can lift a script. The thriller, on the other hand, gave me flashbacks. But I got me some more script notes out of its running time, so not all was lost.

I’d like my Goddess back now, please.

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