4 Responses to “O le Samaria” Online

  1. JaberWocky says:

    Hi David. Noticed SRS in your links. You may enjoy my upcoming webcomic. Only one comic is posted at the moment. I’m giving myself a head start before I start posting them weekly. Take a look if interested. http://devilagent.blogspot.com/

  2. d f mamea says:

    I say again: OooOOOooohh. Thanks JaberWocky! (And one day, I shall return to you with feedback on Elliot’s Occult which has been sitting patiently on my desktop these twelve months gone.)

  3. Jw says:

    You can skip it if you want, I think that version is typoed anywya.

  4. d f mamea says:

    ?gnipyt ym fo nuf gnikam uoy

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