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  • This is spot-on:

    It seems to be cool at the moment to bag Avatar – something akin to the derision that accompanies Titanic, perhaps? – but I enjoyed it. Not only was I familiar with the original scriptment from way back but it transported me to a different reality for a couple of hours. That takes real story-telling and filmmaking, regardless of the tools and bells and whistles at the filmmakers’ disposal.

    (Fedora-tip: Alex Epstein.)

  • Some other backlash: on the BBC Writersroom blog, Dominic Mitchell lays into writers holding forth about writing at the Guardian website:
    Get lucky. Stay lucky. – Ian Rankin

    Stop reading fiction – it’s all lies anyway, and it doesn’t have anything to tell you that you don’t know already (assuming, that is, you’ve read a great deal of fiction in the past; if you haven’t you have no business whatsoever being a writer of fiction). – Will Self

    When still a child, make sure you read a lot of books. Spend more time doing this than anything else. – Zadie Smith

    Yeah, some of them are a bit pointy-headed and a lot of them prescriptive but everyone’s different – particularly writers – and writers should remember can always cherrypick advice at their leisure.

    (Fedora-tip: WGGB Blog.)

  • Heartened by an October 2005 revised draft of Terminator: Salvation, I watched the finished film recently.

    I should have taken the hint:

    CHRISTIAN grabs a HELICOPTER, which results in a CRASH that somehow leaves him unscathed. A CRIPPLED TERMINATOR chases him, but it is killed by BULLETS. Plain old, regular BULLETS. The kind that couldn’t kill TERMINATORS in the other movies.

I rilly rilly enjoyed the Star Trek reboot recently so: Go forth and prosper.

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  1. Funny correlations between Pocahontas and Avatar. It shows good how nowadays you just have to invest in some incredible special effects to make big money and ‘great stories’ and not anymore to find the right words to touch a public.

    Anyway I liked Avatar even if indeed, the scenario wasn’t the best I saw.

    Great post,

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