TO’ONA’I: at the Auckland Art Gallery

Whoa. Got an outtatheblue email from Pollywood Film Festival director Craig Fasi this morning.

On Sunday 8 July at 3:00pm, To’ona’i will open the Film Screenings section of the Home AKL exhibition at the Auckland Art Gallery.

Apparently I’ll be taking questions. Maybe I’ll see you there.

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4 Responses to TO’ONA’I: at the Auckland Art Gallery

  1. Sean M says:

    Congrats! And all the best for tomorrow and the questions…

  2. Sean M says:

    How did it all go?

    • d f mamea says:

      it was… a little weird.

      there was a typical dramatic progression leading up to it: i thought i was just going to do a Q&A about the film but when i was introduced to the audience, apparently i was going to talk about the film and the process around it as well.

      and then i was being asked questions that, in hindsight, kinda sorta place me in “Samoan filmmaker” role model territory which i totally feel unworthy of. like i said to the audience, i’m not a Samoan or Pasifika storyteller – i’m a New Zealand storyteller who is also Samoan.

      i’m glad i did it, but. i hope my answers weren’t too glib, and they they were honest and enlightening.

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