Hunting the Phoenix – Addendum*

(* My manners have always required a conscious effort.)

Firstly, big ups to Dan and co – namely: screenwriter Victoria Cleal, cinematographer Ethan Smith, audio recordist Kurt Oram, Darryl from FX Contracting who provided the pistola, and the actors Jacob Tamaiparea and Tamariki Totoro.

And a big thank you to Gina, Katrin, Tamara and Kate, being the ladies behind Jameson Show Me Shorts film festival for providing the opportunity.

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Hunting the Phoenix

Dan Power and Victoria Cleal‘s Hunting the Phoenix had its world premiere before an audience of two dozen last Saturday at the Jameson Show Me Shorts Festival.

I’d watched it at least a half-dozen times since Dan locked down the final cut… and goddamn it, I was still pulled into the story for those nine minutes. Maybe it was because it was on the big screen. Or maybe because it was a very well executed short film by Dan and his people. Probably both

Yeah I’m biased but I believe it was on certainly par with its companions in the Love or Loss section – almost all of whom had state funding and medium- to large-size crews. Dan’s crew was three, including hisself.


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Tinker-tinker-tinkering at

–  the Scripts page was getting a bit long so some navigation links have been added for features, television and shorts;

–   synopses are now available for the Break and Amateur scripts;

–   and a wee bonus for ye: Kimbo, a faux-treatment written at short notice as a prop in some reality programme prank; a ludicrous piece of writing but nevertheless my paean to the heydays of Messrs. Stallone and Schwarzenegger.


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Besides singing my praises and touting for business, this site’s for people who want to check out my writing without me pacing and harrumphing in the room next door. (And should I find time for a blog, friends and family will tune in only to see when – not if – I commit industry- and/or career-harakiri with my attempts at wit.)

It’ll be coming on-line in stages over the next few months. One reason for this is that the very kind WebMistresse DeborahK has a fulltime job and is doing this voluntarily. Be nice to her. Another reason is that DeborahK will be waiting on me to provide copy and various files.

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