Please and Thank You

In much earlier days, I queried Real Writers for help and advice. Most did not deign to reply. Of the very few who did, the initial response would be polite but curt. I thought it was something I’d said in my initial query, no matter how many hours I’d slaved over its every word. I took pains to acknowledge the time they took to write me.

I think I know now why those initial responses were curt. From the email-boxes at

Day One
I am Keen-As Filmmaker and I am looking for someone to help finish off my short film script. The script has been writtin but has reached its final stages in the Pre-Production Development.
I would like an experienced writer to help me finish it off and get it into Concept Development and eventually into the Storyboard Process. I would like you to help me make this script as professional as possible.
To end this e-mail. I hope that you can see the raw passion I have for film and this creative medium we all love so much. Please see my Showreel and I look forward to your reply.

Day Two
hi Keen-As
thanks for your email. it sounds like i can be of help.
please can you forward your script and then we can talk. what sort of payment do you have in mind?
look forward to hearing from you.

Day Three
I am very greatful for your reply.
I have attatched the script to the e-mail. Would you like payment for helping me finish the script? Its 6 pages. I look forward to discussing this with you.

Day Four
hi Keen-As
thanks for the script. i have some questions.

– in one sentence, what is Kick-Ass Shortie about?
– what is the overriding theme of Kick-Ass Shortie?
– (a bit of a silly one this, but have to ask) is the script you sent me the complete script, or a partial script? if it’s incomplete, please provide a synopsis of what happens next.

lots more questions down the track but obviously you’ll need to decide who you want to be your writer.
and yes, i would like payment if you’d like me to help out. how much were you thinking? what sort of contract do you have to offer?
if you want to talk, please feel free to call me.

Haven’t heard a winkle since from Keen-As.

It’s not the rejection that gets me – it happens all the time. (Okay, most of the time.) It’s the lack of courtesy. Yes: please and thank-you are magic words.

As are, Thanks for your interest but we’ve gone with someone else.

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