Tumanako Springs

Francis Glenday, freelance editor and longtime Headstrong forum denizen, has had his short, Tumanako Springs, accepted in the Homegrown Works on Video section of the 2007 International Film Festival. From what I can remember of what I’ve heard, it’s a period piece with martial arts and vampires – I may have been misinformed.

I’m sure luck had little to nothing to do with it. So all the more congratulatoriations to him and his crew.

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2 Replies to “Tumanako Springs”

  1. Gee thanks for the pump Dave, shame about the SPOILER!

    I can neither confirm nor deny the Vampires rumour.

    I can confirm that there are no martial arts (Vampire kung fu movies are passe).

    Officially, the film is a western.

    Please come and see it. Please?

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