The following list is not exhaustive – some commission projects cannot be listed for contractual reasons.

Some scripts are available on request.


WE ARE MANY (2018)
A play inspired by the Womens Mau Movement, who continued passive resistance against the New Zealand occupying forces in 1930s Samoa.


Four old university friends drive from Auckland to Wellington in an Holden stationwagon. Over two days and 700 kilometres, they will confront forgotten dreams, old jealousies and secret betrayals that will threaten their friendship.
2015 Adam Award for Best Play by a Pasifika Playwright


WAIRUA (2009; spec)
In the days following the sudden death of retired journalist George “St George” Wiremu, his son, disgraced police detective Moana Wiremu, will discover unexpected and unwelcome truths about the kind of man his father really was.


HOME SECURITY (2007; commissioned)
When the blackmail video of a powerful security contractor comes into the possession of a down-and-out film director, a country’s fate is in the hands of a man considering suicide.
Script development by D F Mamea.
Based on an idea by David Blyth.


HOOKED (2007; commissioned)
One woman’s journey of discovery and redemption through sex, lust, power and death.
Based on a true story.
Script development by D F Mamea for ILA Films.


AMATU (2005; commissioned)
Previously A Japanese Werewolf in Auckland – with a title like that, what could I possibly add?
Later drafts – and a new title – moved the project into indigenous horror territory.
Screenplay by D F Mamea.
Based on a story by Ygnacio Cervio and D F Mamea.


PROFESSIONAL (2003; spec)
A retired mercenary who has found sanctuary. A sedentary office drone bent on lifelong revenge. A lawyer putting her life together after a gruelling divorce. From the snow-swept Otago highlands to the Auckland CBD, the consequences of past actions and decisions converge in a blaze of violence.


PANDEMONIUM (2003; commissioned)
A psychosexual erotic thriller.
Screenplay by D F Mamea.
Based on a story by David Blyth.


AMATEUR (2002; spec)
An action-film junkie must step up: when the damsel in distress doesn’t need your help, the bullets are terrifyingly real, and it’s your very life at stake – it’s who’s left standing that shows the difference between a professional and an amateur.


FIREBUG (2016; 13 x 60min)
A trainee fire investigator has a personal crisis and starts setting fires.
Pilot script and series proposal.
2016 New Zealand Writers Guild Unproduced Television Pilot Script Competition Winner


SKYBLUE (2009; 13 x 60min)
A year on the front line of a forensic mental health unit.
Pilot script and series proposal.
2011 New Zealand Writers Guild Television Script Competition Co-Winner


HINENUI (2009; 6 x 60min)
A serial rapist is terrorizing South Auckland. A newly promoted police detective can find him – if her superiors will let her.


MAORI ON MARS (2006; commissioned; 26 x 30min)
Maori on Mars! What more do you need to know?!
Developed to telemovie script and first season outline.
Created by Mike Heffernan.
Developed by Mike Heffernan and D F Mamea.
Telemovie screenplay written by D F Mamea and Mike Heffernan.


HOUSE OF BROWN (2005; commissioned; 6 x 30min)
The loves, lives and work of psychiatrists – with a Sopranos twist.
Developed to pilot script and first season outline.
Created by Amarbir Singh and D F Mamea.
Written by D F Mamea.


HOATATA (2004; 13 x 30min)
Aotearoa in microcosm: the lives and times of three families – Pakeha, Maori, and Samoan – in the fictional South Auckland suburb of Tapanui.
Developed to pilot script and first season outline.
Created by Orlando Stewart.
Written by D F Mamea and Orlando Stewart.


Where do gods go when the love has gone? Set to Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald’s classic, a Neil Gaiman Sandman– and Eddie Campbell Deadface-inspired rumination on love, faith and perception.

There were more short scripts here but they’ve likely progressed.