Drowsy in the Middle

The Boy went to see Transformers 2 last week and he enjoyed it immensely.  Although I was urged to accompany him, I respectfully declined.  Afterwards he said he – and I quote directly – “felt drowsy in the middle part”. That from a boy who will watch static infomercials for days hours on end if given the chance.

I think I’ll wait until it’s on DVD for a buck a week before I sneak a look (like I did the first one).

Meantime, this made me laugh out loud:

Fedora-tip: Roger Ebert.


Point & Click

Is it the season or am I just being mean?

  • Screen Junkies has an excellent selection of kids’ letters to Michael Bay, my favourite being:  07SEP12 UPDATE: Unfortunately the Screen Junkies image/link thingie no longer works. If memory serves, it was a child’s hand-drawn picture requesting Mr Bay explode his – the child’s – father. Guess you had to’ve read it at the time.  (Fedora-tip: The Big Picture.)
  • Ken Levine has his 2009 Summer Movies preview, with all-time classics like:
    • Ghosts of Girlfriends Past – A new spin on the single most tired premise in RomCom history — hire a leading man who is an enemy of comedy. Stars Matthew McConaughey and the lovely but not-exactly-hilarious Jennifer Garner.
    • Whatever Works – Woody Allen’s 285th movie, the 247th with the same theme: older neurotic Jew in a relationship with hot young girl who could be his granddaughter. Larry David as Woody Allen. Reviews are mixed. Middle-aged Jews love it, young girls are appalled.
    • The Time Traveler’s Wife – “Where were you last night and don’t tell me the Middle Ages, you bastard!?”

    (Fedora-tip: The Big Picture.)

  • Forget Robert Rodriguez and his Ten-Minute Film School. I give you Mark L Lester‘s Commando is the Best Film Ever (with parts 2 and 3):
    [This] film wasn’t an accident, just like Jesus wasn’t an accident. It took real vision to pull off, starting with the theme of a parent’s love for his child, and the lengths he will go to to get her back from a wily South American dictator. Also, it has explosions, and a rockin’ saxophone-driven soundtrack that really gets the people moving in their seats.