The latest Mission: Impossible instalment is around the corner and I’m kinda interested, kinda excited, though not because I’m a fan of either the franchise or Tom Cruise hisself – it’s for the directors who’ve gamely signed on (and the first one doesn’t count because Nobody knew)*:

  –  M:I-2 by a post-Killer, pre-Paycheck John Woo;

  –  M:I:III by the insanely prolific J J Abrams;

  –  and now Ghost Protocol from Iron Giant and Incredibles maestro Brad Bird.

… Yeah, I’m in.

Although somehow, somewhen along the way, whenever I think of the M:I franchise, I always flash on this:

* Disclosure: I’ll watch anything by Brian De Palma. Anything.



So it’s a new year. Just like it was 366 days ago. And 365 days before that.

While other people nurse hangovers by first brushing their tongues, decry any perceived lack of progress during 2008, and/or revisit potentially rashly devised 2009 resolutions, the new year greets me with challenges opportunities to take by the horns and, once ground up, snort for its stimulating properties.

A Significant Birthday looms a mere eighteen months hence. Less than two years might seem like bugger-all to some of you but I keep flashing on the macro of a blazing matchstick in the opening credits of De Palma‘s Mission: Impossible.

dum dum dum-dum, dum dum dum-dum,…

Happy new year, all.