Box Watch Update

Those TV nuggets were, of course, hiding on the VCR.

  • Jimmy McGovern‘s The Street is an excellent example of an involving drama that shows fully-realised individuals and their complex, interconnected relationships with their loved ones and the wider community. Such material may be grist for the soap opera mill, but in the hands of Mr McGovern, his collaborators and an ensemble cast that includes Jane Horrocks, Jim Broadbent and the ever excellent Timothy Spall, we’re in meaty Mike Leigh and Ken Loach territory. It took me a while to warm to it but The Goddess loved it because it’s all about relationships.
  • Equally satisfying was Burn Notice, a spy/P.I. series cut from the same cloth as Eighties classics Stingray and MacGyver, and lined with the cool absurdity of David Niven‘s Casino Royale and the sudden violence of True Lies. It’s got a light touch that’s rare in American television, and enough home-made gadgets, action set-pieces and one-liners to have me grinning by hour’s end.

(Am looking forward to Pushing Daisies after reading the Vidiotsreview – particularly since its premiere inspired one of them to poetry.)


Point & Click

So many things to post about. So few braincells to spare. Meantime, I give you these wonderful links to enjoy:


Life on Mars

Life on Mars premiered on TVOne the other night.  It’s from the gang who gave us Spooks and Hu$tle, so I had to try it.  The Goddess found it all a bit laddish but I enjoyed it immensely despite the broadcaster squeezing in ad-breaks every eight minutes or so.

It’s a typical cop show – the Gruff Old-Style Copper partnered with an Enlightened New Policing Detective, who butt heads with each other as they solve crimes with a mix of street-smarts and technical nous – except there’s three decades of policing between them.  Aficionados of police procedurals – like myself – who remember 1970s-style t.v.-policing (The Sweeney‘s swashbuckling crime fighting, anyone?) should get a kick out of this.

As always, the Vidiots gave me the heads-up here.