Box Watch – Wallander

We here at Fortress Mamea caught a couple of episodes Wallander this month. The cinematography is gorgeous. The acting, particularly from lead Kenneth Branagh, is unsurprisingly excellent. The first 45 to 60 minutes of each ep have set mood and tone beautifully, and I’m wanting to get to the bottom of the case du jour, but the remaining minutes have left me… very cool.

  • Your protagonist is the only person who can see all witnesses and possible suspects, necessitating a whole lot of to- and fro-ing. Check.
  • Surrounding your offender on all sides with cops pointing guns. Check.
  • Entering a suspicious location on one’s own without calling for backup. Check.
  • Leaving a vital witness in a rural safe house while you go outside to investigate the arrival of a suspicious vehicle in thick fog. Check.
  • Racing to a certain destination without calling it in at all and then, upon arriving, waiting in plain and obvious sight for your prime suspect to maybe/possibly/probably arrive. Check.

I was too angry after the second ep to contemplate watching the final of the season.

But I’m a compleatist at heart.

How much worse more insulting can it get?