Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

I am such a hoarder.

I’m offline for upwards of a week, I have to do a fresh install of WordPress, there’s software shit all over the goddamned site – but such is my relief at seeing Hello world! that I do a deep-buried sigh and decide to keep the damned thing.

It’s nice to be back.

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Thanks to Family Guy, the word ‘housekeeping’ now conjures the voice and image of Consuela in my head. Thanks, Mr McFarlane.

This blog has been hacked a few times lately which has meant a steep learning curve in security, safety and some other ‘s’ word to do with ‘peace of mind’. It’s been frustrating but I suppose it’s a fact of twenty-first century life.

Anyway, this is to apologise to youse all for the outages, the foreign languages (sometimes with rather trippy music), and the what-have-you you may have experienced here at Indelible Freckles.

I’m working on it.

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Well that was exciting.

My webhost‘s server packed a permanent sad two weekends ago.

In an ideal world, my webhost would have transferred all his files to a new server, flicked a switch, and I would barely have noticed.

Alas, in the real world, things like pouty former server providers, differing OSes, SQLs and other acronyms, and different providers’ ideas of default settings made life interesting for my webhost. For my own part, my admittedly conscientious offline backups were so much 1’s and 0’s as Restoring them was um, not as straightforward as one might expect. Hence the repeated use of this post’s title in and around Fortress Mamea for the last nine days.

Meantime I got some writing done, woot woot.

Normal transmissions have resumed.

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Oh Yeah —

— belated ho-ho-ho’s.

And hey: it’s 2010 and it’s been over a week since my last confession.

I haven’t forsaken you, but. I’m on holiday with my Goddess, and I’ve only recently sorted out things like the six five remotes that our very kind host has for his entertainment system, and how to actually use his broadband connection.

Normal transmission will resume in the next few days. Hope the season has treated you well —

— and happy new year from lovely Melbourne.

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Nothing to See Here

Posts will continue as normal but the site’s pages and side-bar thingies may come and go over the next few days as I migrate from humble HTML beginnings into WordPress.

Click and cruise at your leisure but beware roaming error messages as I huff and puff and move things around.

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Alright Already

Okay. Alright.

So I blogged about a chicken – and a dead one at that – and tried to pass it off as being about supporting characters by bookending it with some weak-ass scriptwriting observations. It’s just that, in the aftermath of Wallace’s sudden departure, The Goddess said, If we’re like this over a chicken we’ve only known six months, we’re gonna be a mess when The Dog karks it.

And I looked at The Dog –

– and flashed on my earlier ramblings about her.

… Best not to think about it.

Anyway, I was going to post about the use/misuse/abuse/un-use of supporting characters but I ended up drafting something about finishing the first draft of a script.

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I happened* across this blog in Firefox earlier in the week and saw that some of the posts are appearing alongside each other rather than in a neat and orderly queue down the page. Sorry about that. It seems to only affect the Mozilla-based browsers, including Camino and Navigator. I’ve no idea how to fix it. But I’m looking into it.

Please bear with me. Or, like me, use Opera.

* Okay: I was vanity-googling from another machine.

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dfmamea.com: Year One

Holy smoley – it’s a year already.

Plug-time because it’s important to give credit where it’s due. All praise to:

  • The Goddess who says nary a word when she catches me blogging instead of Writing;
  • The Webmistresse, whose redoubtable webskills made the site a reality;
  • you Readers, all five of you, for making my visitor stats look good, and providing the occasional but welcome break from the email- and comment-spam.

Jesus loves you.

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