Filler: Beauty and the Beast (2012)

I’m old enough to have fond memories of the 1987 series with Sarah Conner Linda Hamilton and the ever-reliable Ron Perlman looking longingly at each other every damned ep or two. So when I sat down to watch the 2012 version, it was partly curiousity but mostly because it has Go GirlsJay Ryan in one of the lead roles – hey it’s the same reason I’m looking forward to trying similarly Kiwi-led shows Banshee and Falcón.

So I’m past the teaser, maybe ten minutes into the show, when the thought occurs to me: This must be what shows look like in the world of Logan’s Run.

Or maybe I’m just feeling my age.


2011 on Screen

These are straight from the viewing diary. Those that I remember with a smile get some link-love.


  13 Assassins
  Animal Kingdom
  Another Year
  Born into Brothels
  Frozen River
  Get Low
  Leaves of Grass
  Please Give
  El secreto de sus ojos
  The Social Network
  The Women on the Sixth Floor


  30 Rock: Season 1
  Go Girls: Season 2
  Breaking Bad: Season 4
  Downton Abbey: Season 1-2
  The Good Wife: Season 3
  Justified: Season 2
  Monroe: Season 1

There were some shows that were real… curate’s eggs that I wanted to try and be objective about but then I remembered that Sunday School chestnut about pointing fingers and the other three pointing right back at you. (Yeah, I chickened out.)


Box Watch Update

With winter tapping politely on the windows and sliding leaves under the doors, it’s that time of year when the Fortress Mamea’s viewing statistics increase dramatically.

We’ve a terrible backlog of films and shows, but we’ve begun scraping away at that mountain.

In Plain Sight Season One is interesting in that it doesn’t really work for either myself or The Goddess but I’m still watching it (alone from ep five onward). Nope, it’s not the blonde lead (hey it’s Whatshername from The West Wing!). I think, for me, there’s comfort in the cop show formula, and the twinkly dialogue between the marshals is sometimes entertaining. I’ll see it through to the end of the season at least.

Sopranos Season One is a cracker. Someone has very generously lent us all six seasons of this sucker, and it’s great television. But not exactly must-see telly. I suspect the fact that the boxset sat almost forgotten under my desk for three months has given us a certain complacency in getting around to watching it.

Go Girls Season Two is a hoot. Two years ago, if someone had listed the component parts of this show to me and told me that I would like it, I would’ve broken both their legs and laughed uproariously while doing so and yet… rarely an ep goes by without me chortling happily beside The Goddess. A great New Zild show. I’m looking forward to the third season which finished screening recently.

And that’s just the legit stuff. Speaking of which, I shan’t be listing any more shows which haven’t been officially made available in New Zild. Probably at year’s end as part of the annual round up, but day-in, day-out, as a citizen, It’s Not Really Legal, and as a scriptwriter, It’s Not Right.


About Last Year

(Yeah, okay: eight days since my last post is more than a few days – more than several days – more, even, thana week. Sorry.)

It’s been so long since we’ve rolled into 2010 I won’t bore you with -0

This is my blog – and in the world of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Hooah.

2009 was really a year for the goggle box —


Better Off Ted – Season 1
Generation Kill
Go Girls
– Season 1
Mad Men – Season 3
Nurse Jackie – Season 1
State of Play

— but cinema had some new – and old – pleasures —


Dan in Real Life
No Country for Old Men

Stephanie Daley
The Lives of Others

— and when not glooed to a flickering screen, there was always —


American Born Chinese – Gene Yang
Global Frequency – Warren Ellis and various artists
Iron Man: Extremis – Warren Ellis and Adi Granov
Lenore: Cooties – Roman Dirge
Parker: The Hunted – Darwyn Cooke, based on the book by Donald E Westlake

Scalped: Casino Boogie – Jason Aaron & R M Guera
The Walking Dead: The Heart’s Desire – Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard

Oryx & Crake – Margaret Atwood
The Turnaround – George Pelecanos

… Aaaand – okay, books without pictures were a bit of a rarity last year (again) – but these scripts made an impression:

Action: Pilot – Chris Thompson
Burn Notice: Pilot – Matt Nix
NYPD Blue: Pilot – David Milch
Six Feet Under: Pilot – Alan Ball
The Philanthropist: Pilot – Tom Fontana

Miami Vice (2004) – Michael Mann
Precious – Geoffrey Fletcher

Red Rock West – John Dahl and Rick Dahl
The Incredibles – Brad Bird
The Hurt Locker – Mark Boal

The Road – Joe Penhall
Zombieland – Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick

I won’t be disclosing stats because they’re pitiful and I have no excuse. But if you break my run of comment spam (three figures and rising this past month) and ask nicely, I’ll consider it.

2009 was an okay year for watching and reading – a better year for writing – and 2010 awaits my conquest domination attention.

Overall rating: Satisfactory – but must try harder.