Cultural Navigation

So — don’t tell anyone — but I was doing a little light research when I read the following passage:

[French explorer de Bougainville marvelled at the skill of the Samoan sailors who knew] how to use the sun and stars as a guide and how to take advantage of prevailing winds. Furthermore, they seemed to have a wonderful sense of direction that would tell them the right direction of travel no matter what strange surroundings they were in. And, like a bird of migration, the Samoan sailors unerringly returned to the island from which they had set out.

And I flashed on this early exchange:


Our PET WRITER and his GODDESS seek directions from the writer’s AWESOME SISTER.


We just want to find the nearest supermarket.


Easy-peasy: you take the first left and you’ll see a KFC on the corner. Drive past it for three blocks until you see a McDonalds, take a right before the golden arches, and you can’t miss it.


... I have no idea what you just said.


It’s okay, I got it.


(off writer and his sister)

... It’s an island thing, isn’t it?

Pet Writer and Awesome Sister try not to smile patronisingly at her.

Wellington, 2008: there’s a KFC two blocks down to the right there.

The Day After

After a few days of (relatively) frenzied DVD watching, I’ve learned that:

  • the laws of physics and logic are optional extras for action films;
  • rock-music-driven montages and slo-mo shots of victims heroes walking or running – or walking with intent – are essential elements of a thriller; and
  • a film that doesn’t aim high but has fun anyway is much more enjoyable than a film that Has a Life Lesson to Impart and does so in a manner that assumes you’re a monkey.

Just as all things come to an end – films that end at the right moment, or films that end because there’s no more disk space – the Goddess returned yesterday. All is well with the world.


One More Sleep

One more sleep until The Goddess returns.

After yesterday’s viewing I couldn’t bring myself to watch the remaining cult horror. I spent the night reading instead.

All day I’ve felt the cult horror title’s ‘i’s following me whenever I passed through the lounge. I should watch it tonight. Get it out of the way. A relationship drama or romantic comedy looks reeeal tempting right now, but.