“To’ona’i” Production Diary

What the hell.

This should be interesting.

I can’t just refer to what is taking over my life as a short film for ever.

It’s got a name:  To’ona’i, a short film about a couple of siblings who try to deal with the loss of their older brother.

A month from now, I’ll laugh and maybe even tear up about this time.  For the moment, all I can feel is the pain.


Where Themes Come From

November 2007

IN-LAW:  Wow, you got funding, you must be so pleased.
ME:  Yes, I –
IN-LAW:  Tell me – what’s your film about?
ME:  Uhm. It’s about a brother and sister, and they talk in a car the whole film.
IN-LAW:  Oh.


ACQUAINTANCE:  I hear you’re making a short film.
ME:  (stunned look that word would actually be spread)
ACQUAINTANCE:  What’s it about?
ME:  It’s about a couple of siblings trying to deal with their older brother’s death.
ACQUAINTANCE:  What else you working on?

January 2008

FELLOW WEDDING GUEST:  What’s your movie about?
ME:  It’s a film about loss and love. And life.