Dog Cuts

Back in the Big Smoke, The Dog and I had a basic three-mile running route that I called, with writerly flair, the fleur-de-lis.

Fleur-de-lis: ‘X’ marks the start and finish point.

(I’ve just remembered I usually referred to it as the cloverleaf route but fleur-de-lis has a certain ring, yes?)

The first iteration of Fortress Mamea being in suburbia, the route followed roads and was all asphalt, so the dog ran on a lead. (We had another couple of routes, five and seven miles respectively, in the Waitakere Ranges where she could run off-lead.) The routes and distances were fixed, and for over a decade we ran those three, five and seven mile distances together.

The current Fortress Mamea is on a piece of land large enough to allow the dog — and The Puppy, now — to run off-lead without worrying about automobiles or newly-relocated townies who think all dogs should be on leads with muzzles. After a few months of getting to know the property, we have a running route that I have dubbed the corazón.

Corazón: I know the heart-shape only really applies to the loop-de-loop on the left there but most of my running time is spent in The Wood.

The corazón runs through two wooded areas (The Wood and The Copse) that are separated by paddocks, meadows, and the fortress itself. The running surface includes long grass (that can obscure uneven terrain), half-hidden tree roots (that can still catch a foot or toe), and loose sticks (that can stick, stab or trip you up). The wooded areas are pretty cool to run through (they make me flash on the opening minutes of Silence of the Lambs) — check it:

The Wood: from within.

At first, The Dog ran the full route with The Puppy and I.

Lately, she has taken to running more efficiently:

Corazon: with dog cuts.

For me, my fitness regime of, in effect, running around in circles, is more of a journey-rather-than-the-destination kind of thing.

For her, it’s a social thing: she still gets to run (mostly) (kind of) with the pack. Since she has twelve years and several thousand kilometres under her collar, I think she’s entitled to conserve her energy for other pursuits.

Photo1281 - Version 2

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8 Replies to “Dog Cuts”

  1. It’s nice to know that age brings wisdom for canines as well as some humans. And she does put in lot of miles (metres?) taking herself to and from The Project.

  2. Fitbit? What use is that to a dog i ask you. I’m angling for her to get an extra biscuit. All that purposeful trotting to and from the hen house….it’s very tiring. The elderly are like children, they need frequent meals and plenty of naps.
    I can’t appreciate the clip. SOMEONE is telling me off for being too noisy.

    I concur re the blessings.

    1. @fitbit: ah. of course — an extra biscuit goes a long way with The Dog.

      @those 23 metres between the outermost rampart and the hen house: they do add up. also: lying in wait for vermin requires patience and discipline.

      @“The Untouchables” youtube clip: are there EARMUFFS in the house, perchance?

      1. Earmuffs are a great idea. Nice heavy ones for whacking SOMEONE over the head perhaps.

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