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  1. saw Hostel on Sky TV last night
    which reminds of the MPPA ratings debate in the US over the sequel
    Rethinking the NC-17 Film Rating from EW.com
    Does the MPAA Get a Bad Rap? from AVClub.com

    A good starting point is the doco, The Film Is Not Rated….mind you, I do not think there is a perfect censorship system…technology like the net and multi media (copying) programmes have made old policies like ring fencing films via ratings and the midnight cinema circuit redundant

  2. “Hostel” and its ilk really aren’t my cup of tea. i’ve promised to watch “Ichi the Killer” at some point (soon) but… it’s not my cuppa joe. but i will.

    as for ratings and what have you, from what i’ve read (and once “This Film Is Not Rated” can be found at my local video store), the voluntary American rating system can’t really be described as a farce or joke because IT’S NOT FUNNY. more investigation required on my part. when i have time.

  3. as much as the US system is faulty
    thankfully with a proper written constitution, you can realse a film there as being unrated
    not that it is desirable in terms of advertising and finding venues
    but even this status creates money for the studios, eg director’s cuts on DVDs

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