It’s a New Year, Blah-blah-blah

Having enjoyed Christmas day with family of choice (aah, nothing like the silly season to bring familypolitik to the fore), s(l)ee(p)ing in the New Year with a ten-ish bedtime on New Year’s Eve (the kids being with their other biological parents, The Goddess and I can do what we bloody well like, thank you), and relaxing on the days in between, it’s now time to gird the loins for work. Getting up early in the morning for a run and then some writing is quite a struggle, but it’s the only way to Get Things Done.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve rediscovered the joy of reading. I mean, I’ve always read – but I’m kinda devouring books, scripts and comics at the moment. And believe it or not – I’m reading non-fiction as well. Non-fiction! And enjoying it!

On the viewing front, The Goddess and I have settled on a viewing arrangement: the half of the rental DVDs I select on her behalf I safely watch with her, and the other half – yes, replete with wall-to-wall gratuitous action/tits-and-ass/profanity/narrative-black-holes/subtitles – I squeeze in during the day. It’s terrible, I tell you, working from home, having to find time to watch DVDs, but I manage it, by crikey, I do.

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