Less is More

Finally saw The Bourne Ultimatum, quite enjoyed it, and I didn’t even notice the camera-work and editing. That’s story-telling.

One exchange in particular struck me: after Bourne (the impressively impassive yet still sympathetic Matt Damon) traverses seemingly half of Tangier by roof to save Nicky Parsons (a vulnerable but believably plucky Julia Stiles) –


Why are you helping me?


It was difficult... for me... with you.

(off Bourne)

You... really don’t remember, do you?


... No.

From onlooker in Identity to unwilling participant in Supremacy, and now full-fledged helper in Ultimatum, was Nicky his sweetheart once upon a time? Was there some swooning from afar that’s on the cutting room floor from the preceding two films? What is she on about?

It doesn’t matter.

Yes, of course I’d love to know. Or maybe I’m just exceedingly grateful to have been spared something like this –


I’ve loved you. I’ve always loved you. But you were always running around, trying to stay alive. I thought I lost you when you took up with that Kraut floozy but I was down with that. But now that it’s... it’s just you... and me...

Messrs Liman, Gilroy and Greengrassthank you.

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