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Between searching for bill-paying work, and drafting pitches for writing work, all I’s gots for ya this week is more linkages.

  • John August has an interesting post on publicity. I admit to being Kiwi-bloke-ish in my self-promotion: essentially a “build it and they will come” approach. (This blog and the attendant dfmamea.com site was a tentative step in the self-promotion direction. It’s provided a fantastic avenue for procrasturbation.)
  • Whilst clearing up my massive RSS backlog (and inadvertently deleting a mass of ‘Important’-flagged ones), I found a wealth of left-field ideas and approaches to film distribution from Tim Clague‘s Projector Films blog. The ideas are a bit scary and newfangled for a conventional and blissful ignoramus like myself, but they’re exciting and exhilarating, and any day now, I’ll understand it all.
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  1. some more comments from me and the defunct twtw site…

    First up, more industry tales…..

    We begin with some articles from Susan Self covering various aspects of the industry. Susan Self is a publicist who lives in Los Angeles.

    How to Sell Your Awful Film from MediaBistro.com
    How to Sell an Awful Film in 12 Easy Steps
    A PR expert reveals the tricks of marketing movies so bad they can’t even make the remainder bin
    By Susan Self – January 25, 2007

    How to Write and Cast Your Awful Movie from MediaBistro.com
    How to Write and Cast Your Awful Film
    No matter what kind of stinker your film is, getting it written, cast and purchased is easier than you think
    By Susan Self – February 13, 2007

    Finding Investors For Your Awful Movie from MediaBistro.com
    How To Find Investors For Your Awful Film
    Getting funding for your awful film simply requires a trip home, some buxom blondes, and a lot of champagne
    By Susan Self – February 27, 2007

    Next, an article on a possible investment goldmine, if you have the money and contacts…

    Confessions of an Anonymous Producer from London Times
    From The Times
    March 22, 2007
    Will I ever eat lunch in this town again?
    Mr X, an Oscar-winning producer, attacks the industry he relies on as he tells the story of his hit movie that wasn’t

    Finally, an article of cancelled shows from this season’s TV schedules in the US…

    T.V. Shows in Danger of Cancellation from Variety.com
    Posted: Sat., Mar. 10, 2007, 6:00am
    PTShows face their zero hour
    Lower-rated shows try to get fall pickups

  2. thank you, Mr Webber. were i more paranoid and insecure, i’d think your Awful Film headings were saying something about my work.

    you sure you won’t do a guest post?

  3. heh. my usual overreaching with “undestand it all – more of a “get to grips with in small steps”.

    usual word-finding problems aside, i find that mixed metaphor strangely comforting.

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