Hundredth post.

I may not have written as much as I wanted to since 1 January 2007 but I’ve –

  • run a total of 558kms (97kms of that sans mongrel);
  • picked up 170 books, comics and scripts, and read 137 right through;
  • and sat down to watch 128 films, DVDs and TV series, and watched 105 right to the (sometimes bitter) end.

‘S not bad. And because it’s that time of the year, I give you a list of notable and recommended reading and viewing experiences (in strict alphabetical order):

As for the running, I do it only so that I fit my clothes.

Happy new year.

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9 Replies to “100”

  1. 28 Weeks Later is a good script??? You’re RECOMMENDING IT???????????????????

    Clearly all that running is draining the blood from your head. There is no other explanation my good friend. Or, if memory serves me, you are in New Zealand, so you are upside down to me. Another reason. Possibly a combo of the two. Yes, phew. Now it all makes sense again.


    ; )

  2. it scared me. and it was just a script. hang onnn –

    – just had a look at the downloadable script (at SimplyScripts) and it’s not the draft that made me think twice about turning lights off for a couple of days. if very potted memory serves, the one i read (courtesy of the NZWG library) opened on a cottage in the country. any day now, i’ll screw up the courage to watch the DVD.

    happy new year to you and yours!

  3. 08, who would have thought I would still be alive….

    oh well, some refelctions on 07, and a link looking forward to 55 films in 08…better start saving given the upcoming (greenie) price rises for food, water and feul etc….

    Awards Season Begins: Film Independent’s Spirit Award Nominations Announced from IFC.com

    The 100 Best Films of 2007 from London Times (Suggested by LordBrixton)

    Keeping an Eye on the Best Actress Race from Variety.com

    The Most Awesome Action Scenes of 2007 from IFC.com

    This Year’s Shamefully Overlooked Performances from IFC.com

    Will Cloverfield Be the First Monster Hit of 2008? from London Times

    The Year’s Top Directorial Debuts from IFC.com

    A Look Back at the Year in Movies from NYTimes.com

    The Best Non-Theatrical Debuts of the Year from IFC.com

    10 Things That Didn’t Happen This Year from Variety.com

    Predictions: 10 Things That Won’t Happen in Hollywood in 2008 from BusinessWeek.com

    55 Must-See Movies of 2008 from SlashFilm.com

    America’s Best Cinematic Ambassadors from LAWeekly.com

  4. whoa, Stevo – your comment had so many links that Akismet took it aside on the quiet, like.

    meanwhile, a 2007 shocker for me is that i’ve seen only one of the five films listed in IFC’s Most Awesome Action scenes. and as for 2008’s Must See Films by way of Slashfilm… i dunno. ‘s not affecting my heart beat or anything.

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