Box Watch – “The Sarah Connor Chronicles”

The Sarah Connor Chronicles premiere on New Zild televisions tonight. No pressure or anything, Mr Friedman but those long gaps between posts had better be worth it.(I’ll have to record it as I’ll be explaining to Mr Tripuraneni the cultural subleties of using paper-scissors-rock to make critical editing decisions.)

(Failing that, thanks to my Writer’s Toolkit (which I’ll post about at some point), I’ll be strapped.)

UPDATE: with many, many apologies to Mr Reid, this Box Watch post is a week premature. (According to the wiki, the television series side-steps Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, with Mr Friedman referring to its events happening in an alternate timeline. Whatevs, dude: that last film just sucked ass.)

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6 Replies to “Box Watch – “The Sarah Connor Chronicles””

  1. Is it? What channel? I see TV 2 is showing “Terminator 3” but no Sarah Connor chronicles as yet.
    You’ve got me all excited but left me unsatisfied.

  2. oh god, i’m sorry: according to this, it starts next Wednesday.

    if, in the tradition of beating one’s slaves, i could blame someone or something, i blame our lack of broadband access (it took me thirteen minutes to navigate my way to the above TVNZ link).

  3. Well I watched it… And I thought it was good. For me it managed to capture the action-suspense vibe of a Terminator film – not easy to do! Retreading a lot of the ground of T2, but hopefully in that pilot ‘we’re going to start here and take it somewhere different’ kind of way…



  4. it’s on the VCR, awaiting devouring this evening with The Goddess.

    they’re making a second season, which is more – or so i’ve heard – than can be said for Bionic Woman.

  5. [credits roll in that fuzzy time-to-replace-VHS-tapes way as THE DOG grunts and snores on the couch between ME and THE GODDESS]

    THE GODDESS: What do you think?
    ME: It’s T2 rehashed but with a nice literal/figurative update twist. Bet that keeps the wardrobe and props people happy. What do you think?
    ME: Ah well.

  6. Well. I’m mainly leaving a comment to show that I finally made it on to your site after 3 days of trying. However, regarding Sarah Connor… I’ll keep watching it, but only because there isn’t much new drama on tele at the moment. Interesting that you referenced Bionic Woman. We gave up on Bionic Woman due to the clean cut look of the show, and the stupid, stupid choices the characters kept making. I could imagine the same thing happening with Sarah Connor. Did you notice that her boyfriend looked more like a terminator than the guy playing the terminator? However, as always, Summer Glau is excellent. I could imagine that she might keep me watching long after the show jumps the shark.

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