Box Watch Update

With The Good Wife ending its first season just like it started (but OMG oh-so-different), the inhabitants of Fortress Mamea have been bracing themselves for the fact that this week is chocker with season finales of Nurse Jackie, Glee and (I’m on my own with this one) Justified. Winter 2010 threatens to be a bleak affair.

As if.

The second season of Fringe fell by the wayside earlier in the late last year but we can catch up with Dunham and co at our leisure now. Unless we’re already belatedly catching up with Dexter (about to start season three) and Burn Notice (couple of eps from the second season finale). Or (re)watching the first seasons of Scrubs and Green Wing.

It should only be for June and a bit of July: the fifth season of The Closer and the fourth season of Mad Men open next month.

Meantime The Goddess has Radar’s Patch to chuckle over while I have Treme all to myself.

We’ll get by.

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2 Replies to “Box Watch Update”

  1. Hi. Yeah I’m looking forward to Fringe season 2, too.

    Anyway, I was reading your bio and noticed you took the South Seas TV and film course. Would you recommend it? I’m thinking of doing something like that myself, to change careers.

    1. @Fringe Season 2: checked the viewing diary and we stopped eight eps in last year – a combination of family members’ availability and, well, it just wasn’t as gripping as the previous season’s first half.

      @SSFTV: it’s a good course that i’m glad to have done – the thing to keep in mind is that it’s a primer for most things film and telly. if you well and truly know what you want to be, i recommend you Just Do It (a short or script or feature, not the course).

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