Comic Watch: Zot

Dear Mr McCloud

I just finished reading your Zot – The Complete B&W Collection 1987-1991, and I wanted to say thank you.

Yes, I’ve read – why, I proudly own a copy of – your excellent Understanding Comics. And yes, I’m a proud product of the years I read and collected and treasured Moore, Gaiman and early Miller, while the last five years of Ellis, Vaughan, Bendis and Jason inspire me no end.

I thought your collection would be a “product of its time” but I couldn’t be more wrong. I completely fell into Zot and Jenny’s world for those 576 pages, and when I found myself back in the real world, I was humbled and invigorated. For me, Zot captured a youth that is long gone – but that it’s not something to yearn for, or to put behind, but to accept as part of my history, my life. My story.

Again, thank you for showing me what’s what.

Yours sincerely

d f mamea

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