Decades’ of comic-reading made me pick up 500 Essential Graphic Novels the other day. Two hundred, I thought to myself, I bet I’ve read two hundred easy.

I barely managed ninety*.

And that was by including characters I knew I’d read but couldn’t exactly recall if I’d read the title listed in the book. I definitely remember reading Lucky Luke and A.B.C. Warriors but I can’t recall specifically chuckling over A Lucky Luke Adventure: Billy the Kid or acting-out mek-carnage from A.B.C. Warriors: The Black Hole.

Meantime, I plan to work my way through a list that includes –

– and, based on its premise and the cover art, Jason Shiga‘s Bookhunter:

The year is 1973. A priceless book has been stolen from the Oakland Public Library. A crack team of Bookhunters (aka. library police) have less than three days to recover the stolen item. It’s a race against the clock as our heroes use every tool in their arsenal of library equipment to find the book and the mastermind who stole it.

*  Eighteen lousy percent. At least I did better with the IMDb top 250 list, making 67.6% (though I suspect if that list went to 500, my batting average would drop significantly). (Film Addict link courtesy of Dan Slevin.)

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  1. So good to enjoy such a entertaining post that does not fall back on base posturing to get the idea covered. Thanks for an enjoyable read.

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