Connect Three

I think my approach to writing is pretty straightforward:

1. Meet JON.

2. Take something away from JON.

3. JON tries to reclaim whatever he lost in 2. above.

4. JON is justly rewarded. Or he fails but we grok his failure (and really, he hasn’t failed – he’s learned a valuable life lesson).

I find that kind of structure comforting.

But when I have something like —

1. Meet JON.

2. Meet ABE.

3. Meet MIKE.

— my chest tightens a little bit: it’s going to be about relationships. I can’t hide behind action defines character. JON, et al, are gonna have to interact.

One must hike one’s girdle and begin typing.

Put bitchy-whiney words in JON’s mouth to ABE about their friend Mike.

Get ABE into the spirit of the session with some colourful words of his own.

Throw MIKE in – but unbeknownst to JON and ABE.

… Mm. ‘S a start.

* Y’know: wi-fi turned off, browser icons tastefully out of sight, iTunes in the background but always within in reach.

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