The other week I was in the Auckland CBD and I thought, Aw, it’s early in the day — I should be able to hop on to the motorway and get to where I’m going in a jiffy.

Nah-ah: I quickly found myself in a queue of traffic crawling uphill, doing hill-start after hill-start after hill-start (damn straight I drive a manual).

Auckland traffic
Auckland motorway traffic, early afternoon, weekday, at between 0–5kph.

Sometimes a project goes like that: for days/weeks/months I’m going hard out, warp speed, all engines, etcetera, and then suddenly — but it’s not really suddenly, it’s just the sharp contrast in busy-ness — I have days/weeks/months ahead in which little more can be done, pending external factors.

I’m tempted to reinstall some first-person shooters on the Macbook.

I have other projects, but.

And I need to be mindful that with each passing day — just like with each hill-start and -climb of five or so metres of asphalt — I’m that much closer to my destination.


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2 Replies to “Crawl”

  1. The days are drawing in, you have laboured hard to create a beautiful wood pile. I say stock up on the Whittaker’s, install those games and take 5. Or even 10. You deserve it!

    1. wood pile for autumn and winter fires, check.

      Whittakers, because, check.

      FPS games… believe me, i’m tempted but… instead, i may spoil, ah, reward myself with film and television with high body counts.

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