DateNight 1.1

The Writers Guild, along with the directors’ guild and the producers association, are putting on Date Night 1.1 Auckland (1830, Thursday, 21 February at the Classic): ‘a speed-dating-format networking opportunity for writers and directors to pitch to producers’.

I missed out on DateNight 1.0 last year but I was okay with that (a large portion of that being relief from avoiding the stress and pressure). So when I got the email last week, I made a snap-decision and quickly replied with a count me in before I gave it too much thought and chickened out.

But now that my registration has been confirmed, I’m burning with questions like what have I done? and ua a la ‘ia?*

Self-pity aside, a rather pressing question is so, what do I have to do?. A synopsis is bad enough. But pitching?

Some research, I believe, is in order.

I may be some time.

* Ua a la ‘ia? – Samoan, loosely translated as ‘what did you expect?’; peculiar to Samoans, it is a character-building parental response to a child in tears, whether it was their fault or not.

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