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My name is Michael and I have just viewed your film “Five”. I must say i’ve seen many movies in my day and yours was by far the worst I have ever seen. You have robbed me of 90 minutes of my life that I would have happily spent watching paint dry instead of watching this crap. You have failed as a person and a writer may god have mercy on your soul.
Thanks Michael Ibbotson.


hello Michael
thank you for watching Five and for taking the time to email me your thoughts.
d f mamea

I look at Mr Ibbotson’s email and I smile. I’m not sure why.

Is it the novelty of his being the first email of its kind?

Is it that its grammar and spelling are a hop-skip-and-jump ahead of most of the emails I get from people I don’t know?

Is it that on his MySpace profile, his favoured films include ‘Shooting and killing movies, funny movies, and surfing movies’, and under books he lists ‘Motor Mag, Tracks Mag [and] Surfing Life Mag‘?

Or is it that he took the time to share his thoughts and put his name to it in these days of internet anonymity?

Whichever the reason, ‘Ibbo’ has given me cause to smile today, and I thank him for that, too.

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