Hounds RIP

(Before you lot get excited, this post is about the TV show, not the departure of one or more of our menagerie.)

A little while back, I got an outta-the-blue email asking if I was interested in plugging (or not plugging) an upcoming TV show. That, my Beloved Readers, is one of the mean reasons why I’ve clung onto this blog: for free shit.

There were a few hiccups along the way – including a greyhound by the the name of Lundybaindixonwatson who needed some audio finessing – but the show was assured, low key and damned funny.

How funny? The Goddess, The Girl (who’s at university now) and I watched the pilot and we all laughed. Not together, mind: we each found something to laugh out loud at. From a crowd that was a hard one to begin with – when I suggested it for a viewing the looks from my fellow viewers-to-be were none-too-friendly – that was something to hold on to. And it wasn’t just us – the critics liked it, too.

Of course, it was programmed to screen at 10pm on a Friday night.

And, of bloody course, it got cancelled.

It’s out on DVD now: a damned fine Kiwi comedy that I’ll proudly be adding to my library.

Go on: try it.

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