If there’s a word guaranteed to give me an immediate rush of blood to the head, it’s that all-time classic from my parents: ‘onosa’i. I suspect it’s a Samoan-isation of “honest” but its meaning and application is “hang in there” or “it’ll be worth it in the long run.”

Of course, in hindsight, my parents were mostly right in their invocation of this word to a spoilt and easily frustrated child but to be honest, Dad, when I said I’d had enough of playing cricket with a real cricket ball, and you used that word, and in the next over I was concussed by that really hard cricket ball, maybe I needed more than your standard “Ua a la ‘ia?” (as in “What did you expect would happen [if you don’t duck]?”).

Hoo! I’m waving my hands in the air to cool myself already!

All of the above leading in typically looong and meandering way to a bit of a confession: I’ve been writing another blog.

Since 2011, I’ve run up over 170 posts on that blog. Canny image use/linking, potty language, reasonably regular posts, and the Shield of Anonymity have racked up over 3100 pageviews.

On this site, up since 2006, I’ve published 426 posts (admittedly, some of them reposts in time of personal need), and my analytics tell me I’ve just broken 9000 pageviews.

That’s 37 pageviews per post on the other blog, versus 21 on my home site.

That’s a rate of 1 post every 3.57 days on the other blog compared to this one’s 1 post every 5.65 days.

One could argue I could put my energy into just the one blog and see the stats rise. But that other blog has been a welcome relief – still is a welcome drink of spring water – and its purpose is at odds with Indelible Freckles on a number of levels.

So… Guess I just have to be ‘onosa’i.

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