Patience, Schmatience

So – in my true spare time, of course – I’m exploring the lastest distraction idea which, on the face of it, seems to offer an intriguing (high-concept) premise within an achievable (ultra-low) budget.

Burning questions are sketched out: who is it about? what needs to happen? does it make sense?

  Yes – I know what it’s about.
  Yes – I know what happens.
  But it’s not making sense.

I try rushing the idea from one-sentence idea to one-page concept in a lazy attempt to resolve the nonsensicalness. Uh-uh. No matter how creative I try to be, one plus two plus three will not equal the five that I want.

I refuse to be cowed.

  The idea is nifty.
  The concept is almost there.
  The budget is appealing.

Time, I suppose, to approach this with the patience and persistence of water on stone a spoilt child whining for some parental attention.

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