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Ever since I naively put together a soundtrack for my first screenplay, music has been a big part of my world building – sketching in the where, when and how, throwing in some characters, and seeing/writing what happens next. My iTunes has numerous project playlists – and they’re synched to the iPod so that I can get into that project space whilst driving or running.

I have difficulty in hearing the lyrics of a song on first listen so having a playlist at my fingertips allows me to figure out what the words are.  Sometimes the selection of a song whose title seems like a good match is a wash.  Other times, repeated listenings reveal lyrics that really speak to the project.

Take Skyblue: originally developed as a television show, it’s set in a kind of prison so it was important that there be a ray of hope for its occupants. Then I heard this whilst trying out Fly My Pretties:

Something about the opening guitar work made me add it to the playlist.  Then I noticed the title of the song.  Then I heard the lyrics.  It was win-win-win for me.

It’s very unlikely the playlists I have will survive through to production but that’s okay:  until then, they’re a comforting companion on the journey.

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