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I’ve got three, no, four, posts that I’m having trouble getting over the finish line, so it’s lookee what i found! time:

  • My awareness of the New Zild screenwriting blogosphere has just increased by 33%: Shortland Street scribe Edwin McRae blogs about his process at Fiction Engine. (Fedora-tip: Mr Reid.)
  • Someone went to the trouble of typing in each and every title listed in 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die. Hollywood screenwriter John August has read 38 of them but would’ve scored higher if non-fiction was included. I scored 41 but would’ve scored higher if they included more comics. The Goddess, a enthusiastic avid voracious reader, scored 115. (Fedora-tip: John August.)
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  1. Wow. I just lost an hour, but gained the useless statistic that I’ve read at least 50 of the 1001 books, have another 14 which I think I’ve read but would have to check (sadly I have a list of every book I’ve read since I was 8, but it’s quite long) have another 20 or so on my shelves (about half of which I probably will read at some point), and have read 9 of those books in incomplete or bowdlerized versions when I was in my early teens. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Bowdler Damn you Mr. Bowdler. Damn you to hell.
    Also,re: Sarah Connor. The second episode was much, much, better.

  2. i do remember feeling shortchanged on quite a few levels when i discovered there was more to the world than Readers Digest editions. but The Little Golden Book of Fairy Tales will always have a special place in my post-colonial heart.

    just watched ep two of A Teenage Guy, His Mom and His Very Own Terminator and it is a big improvement on the pilot. The Goddess and i have noticed that a lot of the pilots this season have been rather try-hard in discouraging you from reaching for the remote. what new series we’ve stuck with this season have been in spite of their pilots.

  3. Oh my goodness, Ben, you’ve been keeping a reading list. Since you were eight! How wonderful. How endearingly geeky. How I wish I had done that.

  4. not that i’m a grass or anyfink but Ash has been tracking his reading for as long as i’ve known him -which will be (bloody hell!) twenty years next year).

  5. Dirty grass !!! But it’s true, though the list is shorter the last couple of years – sad to admit. And TinTin does count !!! And may I add it’s not geeky missy – practical is how I’d describe it – I mean you don’t want to get halfway through the latest John Grisham and realise you’ve read it before…..hang on, not a good example….

    Speaking of pilots – there is a pilot for Heroes, anyone seen it & anyone watched the show ? I tempted to hire Season 1 which includes pilot, but it’s a lot viewing if the show is shite.

    Watched American Gangster on the weekend – I liked it. Wasn’t expecting much, but it flowed quite well – which may have been helped by not knowing the story.Denzel was excellent (again better than Training Day) and I especially liked to play “spot the rapper”.

    And re-watched I am Legend. Still average, 1 maybe 2 thirds are good, but ending way too tidy. Anyone read the novella ?

  6. hey, if i can count my comics, you can count your Tintin books. (mmgh!)

    i caught the Heroes pilot way back when but wasn’t turned into a Believer. the excellent Aro Video have season one in stock. it’s on my list of things i should get around to seeing but there are quite a few other shows ahead of it (like The Sopranos).

    American Gangster is similarly placed on my list – so many lists! – of movies i should see. caught an ad last night pushing the extended Director’s Special Edition al-freaking-ready.

    you re-watched I Am Legend? nope, haven’t seen it. yep, it’s lower than Gangster on my list. i recommend the novella.

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