Post-partum Blues

Another deadline met and yet I feel glum.  I think it’s the intensity of throwing everything at it over a short space of time (sometimes due to having skulked around it for so long previously), tossing it off (so to speak), and then collapsing in a steaming, exhausted heap (until the kids come home and ask what’s for Dinner).

It’s not like I haven’t got work to fall back on.  I recently secured a television concept I developed a few years back – I’m looking forward to significantly retooling that.  My iCal keeps reminding me that my 2007 spec script is ready to commence – I’ve been itching to get into that for over a year now. And I’m looking to nail some paid writing work in the next week or so.

Those should keep me out of trouble for the coming second quarter.

And to ensure I meet my quota of having five projects on the boil at any one time, let’s not forget that Break is teeeasing close whilst Mr T‘s 5 (MR T is the beaver to my sloth) is hip-deep in the rough-cut stage.  (I think his shaved head helps with cutting through things like air, water and bullshit.)

You’re right:  projects in post don’t really count ’cause, like, they’re virtually done, right?


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