Process Anecdote #103

I’ve just written the end of my latest project: my fingers were a blur over the keyboard as they typed direct from my subconscious onto the screen.

It felt rather satisfying getting these last few lines down:

Here’s the thing, though: that’s all I have in script-form at the moment. I have a three-page treatment I threw together a few months ago but it’s dry and plot-heavy.

I may have eighty or so pages of script to write but confidence is high: by golly, I know where I’m headed.

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2 Replies to “Process Anecdote #103”

  1. Bon chance, auguri. And good luck! I reckon 50:50 panic and adrenalin will see you thru to a masterpiece😍

    1. merci and grazie! shockingly, the deadline for this project is a little ways away so as long as i do even just a little bit each day, the panic —, OH WHO AM I KIDDING. panic, adrenalin and chocolate are my deadline-meeting friends.

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