Process Anecdote #79

I was doing a pass on a script recently when I resolved each and every outstanding note with an insouciant flick of the pen.

It felt good. (Too good, as it turns out a few passes later, but hey.)

And as I savoured that sweet moment, I flashed on this short by Australian writer-director Matthew Saville.

“A Writer and Three Script Editors Walk into a Bar” (2013) — Matthew Saville

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8 Replies to “Process Anecdote #79”

  1. Now I know why script writers have blanks – with friends like these….. X 😜

  2. Am watching Midnight Sun on Lightbox – gripping so far. Dialogue in Swedish and French plus English subs. That’s another variable eh? Like the Cosmo vibe. J

    1. there’s so much good telly on at the moment.

      the Lovely Wife and i enjoyed “Apple Tree Yard” on your recommendation. we tried “Fortitude” recently — i’m a wee bit hooked but she not so much.

      seven days is a very long time between “Game of Thrones” eps.

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