Quis Custodiet – Abridged

Mr Hilton at The Editing Room has just put up an abridged script for Watchmen.

And this excerpt is for the benefit of The Goddess who wondered what the heck the story was with Bubastis the wondercat:


Would you like me to explain why as I stroke my tigercatrabbit?


Er, actually, yeah, are you going to explain that thing at all?


Who, Mr. Meowkins? He’s my pet.


Right. I figured that.

This link/post is dedicated to Mr Molloy.

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7 Replies to “Quis Custodiet – Abridged”

  1. ‘alternate’? i prefer it!

    and i expect Bubastis’ Mr Meowkins’ full backstory and very own subplot to be explored in the eight-hour DVD director’s cut.

  2. Bubastis was totally overlooked. I expect him to have his own spin-off for the kiddies, like Puss In Boots from Shrek.

  3. Oh Lordy I still have chills about that Joey spinoff. But although Shrek 3 was horrible I am looking forward to Puss In Boots, even if it’s just because he looks like my cat.

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