I’m chuffed. Have I already said I’m chuffed? (Yes.)

I even like the photograph that accompanied the press release at The Big Idea:

This looks like it was taken at the 2015 Adam Awards. Photo: Philip Merry.

I also rather like this description of it:

It is full of delicious detail, funny, heart wrenching and intensely moving. It is a work unmistakably growing right out of New Zealand soil; distinctly Samoan but with absolutely universal appeal.

The script will have a workshop with actors, director and dramaturg in the coming month. The workshop will end with a kind of rehearsed reading that may be open to the public. You’ve been warned.

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4 Replies to “STILL LIFE WITH CHICKENS: post-award”

  1. Awesome! Did I know about this already? You win so many awards these days…….

    1. … it’s doubtful: it all happened (well, not ALL) whilst the Lovely Wife and i were traipsing about Melbourne.

      and you’re very kind — thank you.

  2. Fantastic! Getting the razzmatazz you so deserve – and the photo is fit for an Academy Award! Just the right amount of amused, self-effacing delight! xx

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