The Good and The Bad

I read somewhere – or I’m just extrapolating from my own thought processes – that humans are much more likely to remember the bad things than the good things. For example, if you had just about a perfect day, and just one itty-bitty thing were to go wrong, that day would be remembered more for whatever went wrong than for every good thing before and after it. It’s very easy to roll around in self-pity when things don’t go your way.

Shit happens. But most of the time, with perseverance (and/or stubbornness), talent (self-belief) and good luck and timing (a kick-arse manager), all goes well.

This year has been my most productive to date. I don’t have much to show for it, but I did enough film-related work – and earned enough from it – that I didn’t have to do any full-time temp work.

I co-wrote, directed and produced an HD feature. The experience provided fodder for an unreliable account kindly published by WriteUP.

I produced a short which screened in November.

I helped develop a t.v. series.

I co-wrote a feature for Unkreative which is currently in post-production.

And I’m due to finish a long-overdue feature script for Mr Blyth.

So. Not a bad year, all up.

Here’s to 2007.


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