The T.V. Week is Filling Up Nicely

It was a lean autumn* as the third season of Desperate Housewives lurches from one cliffhanger to another, sometimes leavened only by a game of “Spot the Marcia Cross Stand-In/Body-Double”.

There was a brief flutter of excitement when TV3‘s site FAQ said that Battlestar Galactica was returning to the screen. Unfortunately they meant Season 2, which has been available on DVD for the past year or so (duly devoured only early this year). Which’ll explain the 11:00pm scheduling.

Still, as we enter winter, two household favourites return today: Medium and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Closer scrutiny of the T.V. guides in the next few weeks might be rewarded with The Shield‘s Season 4 and The Wire‘s Season 3.

Hope is a terrible thing.


*    For telly maybe – it’s been nice to catch up with last year’s movies.

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2 Replies to “The T.V. Week is Filling Up Nicely”

  1. you are such a good tv watcher
    me, I cannot wait and I do cheat and look for programme updates on the net
    and een though I like my dose of reality TV, it is still fun to watch even though I know who won
    mind you, I still do not know who won an awful show that was only ever shown in complete form in NZ about inheriting a realtive’s fortune…wikipedia was no help as the show was not shown in the US, it seems the bickering family was too much for the viewers…it still does not expalin how the likes of the real gilligan’s island slipped through?

  2. you’re too kind, Mr Webber: truth be told, i don’t think we watch more than six shows a week, excluding the news.

    you were always much more forgiving and accepting of reality-tv than i.

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