This Must Be the Place

The market caters to all sorts of tastes across various arbitrary boundaries, and impulse (that is, blind) purchases can provide the most rewarding of viewing experiences. (I suspect a large part of any cinematic or television enjoyment I can get nowadays is the tension between anticipation/expectation and The Unexpected – I might expand on that once I’ve found my thesaurus.)

So it was with This Must Be The Place, a road-trip/revenge-tale/coming-of-age film that captivated me for all of its almost two-hour running time. What distinguishes this film from any other film that tries to deal with even just one of those genres is the Robert Smith-inspired middle-aged rock star protagonist (Sean Penn) whose backstory is not what we expect, whose journey is equal parts convention and surreality, and whose characterisation reminds me why I’ve been a Penn fan since Bad Boys.

The trailer plays up the revenge angle but the film is, like other personal favourites, so much more.

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