What I Did This Year — Part Three

This is the view of Wellington from the International Institute of Modern Letters’ work room:

Contrary to The Lovely Wife‘s opinion of Wellington weather, this was how the city looked most days I met with my fellow scriptwriters.

What can I say about my year in that work room?

We all worked hard to be in there.

We continued to work hard. We shared work stories, war stories, and horror stories. We all wanted to write. We wanted to be inspired by who and what we admired and aspired to be like.

We wrote whatever the hell we wanted — prevailing and imminent zeitgeists be damned! — and Ken gave us the space and support with which to do so.

We all went through the pain of creating — actual wattage varied with each writer — but the work room was a haven where we could confess and share and not feel alone for a two to three hours.

This year was a treasure. I got what I wanted out of the course: a project I knew would be challenging — it almost got the better of me several times, I tell you — and, one month on, I’m just glad to see the back of it. I also got to know and admire and respect nine other writers, most of them half my age, all of them talented and motivated story-tellers, each with a recognisable voice — each I’m glad to know is out there writing.

So. That was my year.

The Tyke scans her free-fire zone.

Time now for a little lie down as the festive season approaches.

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2 Replies to “What I Did This Year — Part Three”

  1. Well done on completing the course, and for making that capture of the clear blue Wellington skies.
    I note you omit to share with us the temperature and windspeed that accompanies this tranquil looking vista. ;)

    1. thankyuhvuhmuch. the temperature and windspeed were appropriate for the clear blue Wellington skies, so there is no malice or otherwise to such ‘omissions’.

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