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These haven’t been as regular as they should used to be. Let’s not get overexcited and think it’s been because I’ve had more to say of late.

Warning: some old news in here (I’ve been hoarding).

  • Why aren’t I all a-jingle with news of Bad Lieutenant being remade with Werner Herzog helming and Nicolas Cage in the title role? Maybe Abel Ferrara, who directed the 1992 original, says it best with “It’s lame” and “[Herzog] can die in hell“. But then I can’t help but be swept up by Mr Herzog’s response to hearing that: “That’s beautiful!” and then, with regard to Mr Ferrara himself, “I’ve never seen a film by him. I have no idea who he is. … Maybe I could invite him to act in the movie!” (Fedora-tip: Eyes Wide Open.)
  • In similar vein to Lotto’s What would you do? campaign, here’s some straight-up advice on what to do when you’re burning to make a film… and a lot of money falls into your lap. (Fedora-tip: a Headstrong Forum denizen.)
  • Check out fellow Pitch Engine contributor Gordon White‘s blog, smallscreens.com, in which he’s charting his progress as a screenwriter in the UK. (Fedora-tip: Dara McNaught.)
  • Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane is expanding his empireo yea! (Fedora-tip: Gordon White.)
  • And finally, James Henry wonders what it might be like to do police work but with a screenwriter’s work ethic. My favourite: 4. Getting bored with writing up crime reports, so ending them with ‘and then a load of zombies arrived’.

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