Last week, The Goddess and I had lunch with Sean Molloy and Helen Rickerby. It was a great get-together: even though I’d met Sean only one time earlier, the atmosphere was very congenial. A fellow screenwriter and Guild board member, the conviviality was due largely to his being a fellow blogger and Guild forum loiterer. Oh, his taste in comics can’t be faulted; well, except for his Marvel bias. Anyway, we sat around a table and talked and talked and talked, and all of a sudden two hours had just gone.

I’ve tried to post about the very pleasant experience but, despite five false starts, have been unable to satisfactorily tie it in to the business of this blog. I knew what I wanted to say but was unable to execute it in such a way as to be a). appropriate, b). informative, c). entertaining, and d). easy on the reading eye.

Yes, meeting fellow scribes is b). informative and c). entertaining, and the lunchtable conversation was a). blog-appropriate – but you, Gentle Reader, don’t want a transcript of the conversation that accompanied our repast.

You want something to take away from this post, some nugget of wisdom observation, some kind of distinct perspective on an everyday occurrence (having lunch, not meeting fellow scribes).

… Nope. Still don’t have it.

But I got a lot farther with this post than the others.

– No, wait, I have it: if after [PICK A NUMBER] attempts, you lose heart and focus, remember: Every time God closes one door, He opens another.

Here endeth the lesson.

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3 Replies to “Lunch”

  1. Yes, I probably do have a Marvel bias in an old-school kind of way… But my Vertigo and 2000AD leanings are strong indeed! (again in an old-school kind of way…)

  2. no need to apologise for your Marvel leanings, Sean. i’ll still talk to ya.

    ‘s been interesting with my comic reading revival these last few years where i’m discovering – and really enjoying – a lot of the titles critics and the more seasoned/learned collectors at the Wellington Comics Club meetings used to drop in the early nineties like Usagi Yojimbo, Stuck Rubber Baby, Chester Brown, Peter Bagge, Harvey Pekar…. i’ve [cough!] matured.

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