In December 2010 I went down to my oul’ home toon to sit in on the recording of a radio drama I wrote. I bragged about it, of course. Now it’s about to hit the airwaves.

SKYBLUE will be broadcast on SUNDAY 13 MAY 2012 at 3:05pm (New Zealand time) on National Radio.

Getting stuff out is a collaborative effort so even though I wrote it, other people made it a reality. Big ups to —

— the actors: Tess Jamieson, Jamie McCaskill, Nigel Collins, Mick Rose, Nick Dunbar, Asalemo Tofete, Amy Tarlton, Phil Grieve, Tina Cook, Rob Lloyd, Duncan Smith, and Prue Langbein;

— engineer Phil Benge; and

— producer Jason Te Kare.

I know, I know: twelve bleedin’ speaking parts (Jason was very, very tactful in pointing this out to me).

And thanks also to the reality-checkers: Dr Christina Birkin and Dr Melanie Woodfield for reading various drafts, and helping shape sensationally-dramatic-but-irresponsibly-unethical-and-inaccurate scenes into equally-grippingly-dramatic-but-more-butt-clenchingly-realistic ones.

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6 Replies to “SKYBLUE”

    1. thank you for listening, Ru, and for your comment.

      i’ll need to check with my Ruthless Manager about sharing the script.

      and there is more – today’s story is based on the pilot of a proposed TV show – but as to whether it gets made as (further) radio drama or television comes down to who’s willing to back “a cop show – but with psychologists”.

  1. Climactic, powerful, moving……what more can I say? David you have really put across the conflict and vulnerabilities of all involved in such a way that cannot be ignored. Go well with the TV series… must be done! There is such a great dialogue there both on air, and afterwards…. Thankyou.

    1. thanks for listening, Jean & Eddie, and for taking the time to comment here.

      SKYBLUE’s development began over five years ago so Radio New Zealand agreeing to adapt it for radio drama has been a rare and welcome ray of support.

  2. Excellent news – let me know if there’s somewhere I should refer friends if it turns out they need a show of cyber-hands.

    I’d look forward to seeing it – or hearing it.

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