KINGSWOOD: post-reading

1971-74 HQ Kingswood Patina Gold==.JPG
By SicbirdOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

After a two-day workshop under the direction of Katie Wolfe and Ahi Karunaharan, with dramaturg Jo Smith providing overwatch, Kingswood was read by Jason Te Kare, Louise Tu’u, Joy Vaele, and Jason Wu on a warm Wednesday evening in Balmoral, Auckland.

The audience laughed in the right places, their applause was gratifying, and the Q-and-A that followed was enlightening for all present. Afterwards, it was nice to chat with individual audience members like: Auckland Theatre Company artistic director Colin McColl; Bright Star and Pasefika playwright and Playmarket respresentative Stuart Hoar; the indomitable Webmistresse (retired) and her husband; Luncheon and Officer 27 playwright Aroha Awarau; screenwriter Kathryn Burnett; and Titirangi Theatre stalwart and early supporter of the work Duncan Milne.

During the two-day workshop, these four words  were used to describe "Kingswood" — and upon hearing them I felt inordinately proud.
During the two-day workshop, these four words were used to describe “Kingswood” — and upon hearing them I felt inordinately proud.

Where to from here?

I have no idea.


KINGSWOOD: a reading

By Richard Lewis - Own work, CC BY 3.0,
Holden Kingswood (1971-1974 HQ series)

What’s the connection between film director Katie Wolfe, writer Jo Smith, Radio New Zealand producer Jason Te Kare, theatre practitioner Louise Tu’u, and thespians Joy Vaele and Jason Wu?

They’re all pitching in for a reading of Kingswood later this month!

If you’re curious, in the neighbourhood, or at a loose end on the (almost) eve of Easter Weekend:

  • Wednesday 23 March 2016 at 6:30pm
  • Auckland Theatre Company
    Mt Eden War Memorial Hall
    Lower Ground Floor
    487 Dominion Road




In December 2010 I went down to my oul’ home toon to sit in on the recording of a radio drama I wrote. I bragged about it, of course. Now it’s about to hit the airwaves.

SKYBLUE will be broadcast on SUNDAY 13 MAY 2012 at 3:05pm (New Zealand time) on National Radio.

Getting stuff out is a collaborative effort so even though I wrote it, other people made it a reality. Big ups to —

— the actors: Tess Jamieson, Jamie McCaskill, Nigel Collins, Mick Rose, Nick Dunbar, Asalemo Tofete, Amy Tarlton, Phil Grieve, Tina Cook, Rob Lloyd, Duncan Smith, and Prue Langbein;

— engineer Phil Benge; and

— producer Jason Te Kare.

I know, I know: twelve bleedin’ speaking parts (Jason was very, very tactful in pointing this out to me).

And thanks also to the reality-checkers: Dr Christina Birkin and Dr Melanie Woodfield for reading various drafts, and helping shape sensationally-dramatic-but-irresponsibly-unethical-and-inaccurate scenes into equally-grippingly-dramatic-but-more-butt-clenchingly-realistic ones.